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Carolyn Matthews-Daut is an accomplished interior designer who discovered her passion for watercolor painting while studying at the University of Wisconsin, Stevens Point. Since then, she has taken her sketchbook and watercolor set with her everywhere she goes.

Carolyn’s design philosophy is anchored by the tenet that design integrity starts with research; research into culture, community, inherent inequity, and localized sustainable practices. She hopes to be a part of innovative change to our design practices and application by continuing to be inquisitive of her environment, sensitive to the problems inherent in the world, and steadfast in her commitment to making lasting change in her community.

Carolyn’s love of travel and adventure has taken her around the world, from the rolling farmlands of Wisconsin to the rugged mountains of New Zealand, the picturesque islands of Bar Harbor, the bustling streets of London, and the majestic canyons of Utah. Today, she resides in Lebanon, New Hampshire with her husband and a beloved rescue puppy.

Recent Works

Watercolor commission by Carolyn Matthews-Daut of Putnam's Vine Yard
Missing Cat music album cover. Cover art by Carolyn Matthews-Daut for Angela Isaacs
Interior Design project example
Paint, Sweat, and Tears: 150 Days on the Appalachian Trail
Book cover
Backpacking suppies art print by Carolyn Matthews-Daut
Custom commission by Carolyn Matthews-Daut Bird Chess Art Print
Drawing Attention 
The official zine of Urban Sketchers June 2023 Featuring Carolyn Matthews-Daut

I am taking on new watercolor and design commissions. If you have any projects or want to say hi, please get in touch.

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