(Sample project spread from the professional portfolio. Project: Lucid Software.)

About the Online Portfolio

I have broken out my online portfolio into two distinct sections, Architectural Interiors and Dealership Design. For all projects I detail what parts of the overall design fell directly within my scope of work.

Architectural Interiors covers all work completed with a design or architectural firm.

Dealership Design covers all work completed as part of a furniture dealership. This means that the overall interior and architectural elements were designed by a separate firm. For these projects my scope of work was limited to furniture only. The only exception is the Showroom Remodel for Midwest Commercial Interiors (my place of work at the time) where I completed the tenant improvement and the furniture design for the office.

As a part of my portfolio I am also including my collection of travel sketchbooks, my undergraduate work, and my growing collection of failed Fulbright proposals. All of these separate parts – art, research, furniture, architecture – combine to make me a strong designer with a unique point of view.